Sunday, January 17, 2010

CCP Music - Lesson 1

Lifting it like a dumb bell.

Students paying attention to the trainer.

Who thought dippers can be used as instruments?

Busy washing something on the washboard?

Look at the long PVC pipe he's holding.

Pails and saucepans are used to make music.

The class sitting in a circle for performance.

A barrel is used as a drum.
The trainer with the students.

Hi everyone,
Above are pictures showing our students having fun in the Junk Jamz, which is part of their CCP programme for this term. This was the very first lesson on it. Students were taught to make music using everyday tools, such as pails, saucepans, pipes and washboards, just like STOMP. I'm sure all of you can't wait for your next lesson!

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