Thursday, January 21, 2010

CCP Music Lesson 2

3A had their second lesson on Junk Jamz today. They learnt many new beats and grooves. Just to recap, here are some of the things they learnt:

  • Jab
  • Groove
  • Call and respond

For the groove, they learnt 4 different types of grooves.

Groove 1
Bom tak bom tak

Groove 2
Bom tak bom bom tak

Bom bom tak bom tak

Groove 4
Bom bom tak bom bom tak

You will get to see the children perform these 4 grooves together with jabs in the video below the pictures.

The 'papayas' performing
The 'bananas' performing

Learning about grooves

More grooves

Let's shake it!

A whole array of washboard, pots and barrel

Our shy performers

Slap it with a slipper!

Coming as a whole to perform

"Teacher, it's too noisy!"

"This is the way we wash our clothes."

"Hey, you've got a better instrument than me!"

Listening to instructions

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